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PC Tune-up / Optimization Service

If you feel your computer is running more and more slow, please feel free to live chat with our experts. VilmaTech will seriously diagnose the whole computer and show you what the problems are. After that, online experts helps you speed up your computer within steps. Meanwhile, they also guides you how to make your PC always run at its optimal performance.
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PC Security Service

The research fellow of VilmaTech Lab publishes step-by-step guides to remove the latest virus, spyware and other malware. They helps you detect and eliminate the viruses hidden on your computer precisely. The experts have many a solutions to release and unblock your computer in just munites. Most of the time, you don’t need to do anything but just make a cup of coffee and waiting for the assistance of our experts.
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PC Error Cleaning Service

VilmaTech remotely help you fix all the Windows errors very quickly and effectively. You must receive error messages such as exe error, dll error, runtime error, access denied message before. You have no need to pay to the PC store or other after-sale services for the resolution of fixing the error messages. VilmaTech will finish everything for you and repair all the Windows errors instantly.
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Windows Program Install / Uninstall Service

Fail to install applications properly? Can not run the programs you install previously? Don’t know how to uninstall programs completely? Just take it easy, VilmaTech will assist you install/uninstall any Windows programs. They can help you delete the applications which Windows Add/Remove Programs can not remove completely.
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Printer Issues Service

Setup and configure your printer remotely. Help you fix printer error, update the associated drivers and resolve any problems with your printer.
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Email Setup / Troubleshooting Service

Experts of VilmaTech will assist you resolve the email settings issue such as outlook, fox-mail and other mail server. We will guide you how to resolve such problems quickly or remotely help you terminate email problems.
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Data Backup / Recovery Service

VilmaTech can recover your photo, documents, media files and any data losing on the hard drive; backup your system and important data; full scan and diagnose your hard disk. VilmaTech would be your best choice to recover the the missing data.
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Media Conversion Service

VilmaTech provides you with some trusted media conversion applications to help you convert your media file to any format you like. You also can upload the media file to our support center and ask them to accomplish the conversion for you.
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My PC have been suffering from system crash and general slowdown problem for months, and one of my friend told me to clean registry, junk files and duplicated files which I had never heard before. Your guys did resolve all the frustrating problems in less than 30 mins without me doing a thing. In a word, excellent! - Jack Bruce, Glasgow, Scotland

My computer is running much faster than before. Your quick and effective supports are appreciated. I have never seen such your service. Thank you again and have a great day. - Lucy March, New York, US.