Is App Uninstaller Scam or Legit? App Uninstaller In-depth Testing & Review

App Uninstaller, an all-around Mac uninstaller developed by, is one of the most essential tools for Mac devices. Is App Uninstaller working the way it should? In this post, we'll have in-depth testing on how well App Uninstaller works to get rid of Mac apps. As of this posting, App Uninstaller is proven to effectively uninstall the unwanted apps and leftovers with ease.

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App Uninstaller Review

The most powerful and super-reliable app removal capability

For nearly 10 years, App Uninstaller has been continually polished for optimal app removal, pushing the boundaries of what customers can expect from a simple Mac uninstaller.

Simple to use

App Uninstaller is intuitive and simple to use, just like any native Mac app. With a few clicks, all the files of the unwanted app are removed completely.

Lightweight & OS compatible

Built with the industry-leading uninstall features, App Uninstaller is very lightweight to run without affecting your Mac performance, and it is able to run on almost all Mac devices from Mac OS to the latest macOS 13.


The technical support is fast and responsive. You can receive a 1-day response from their developers and guarantee support will resolve any uninstall issues that the App Uninstaller app can't get rid of.


With the lifetime deal offer, App Uninstaller is one of the best cost-effective solutions in the market. You can get everything you need at an incredible price.

Lab testing: Use App Uninstaller to uninstall Mac apps

At V testing lab, we've built a dedicated group of Mac devices, running on various versions of macOS systems, to specifically test all the features App Uninstaller provides. And it is working like a charm to uninstall the apps in just a few clicks.

Testing #1: Use App Uninstaller to uninstall Downie

A simple drag-and-drop link to Downie will download the video on that site. Downie is a super easy-to-use video downloader on Mac that supports most mainstream video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and more. It doesn't bother users with a large number of options – it's very simple to use. Support domestic Youku and Tudou as well as foreign Youtube, if you have a strong demand for video download, then Downie is a simple and easy-to-use video downloading tool.

Video log: How to uninstall Downie

Testing #2: Use App Uninstaller to uninstall iA Writer

iA Writer offers a unique interference-free mode that hides all interface elements that can interfere with writing, leaving only a blank sheet of paper and a keyboard. iA Writer is a simple and easy-to-use markdown writing tool. Only a few lines of text being edited are highlighted, and the rest of the text is diluted, presumably to maximize the focus of the writer on the current text. This mode is very thoughtful, and even disables the function of finger click to move the cursor, I think this is to avoid accidentally touching the screen and causing the cursor to move to the wrong position, this idea I can understand, but in actual use, it is often inconvenient.

Video log: How to uninstall iA Writer

Testing #3: Use App Uninstaller to uninstall Start

Start is a quick startup app on Mac platforms and is macOS's start menu that allows you to quickly find and construct your programs. Start can classify applications. Start makes it easy to assign apps to multiple categories, so you can quickly find the apps you need on hand. You can also assign directories and files to a category. For example, if you are currently working on a project, you can simply assign a category to the necessary folders, files, and programs, and the start Mac version can use Spotlight internally to search for applications. In order to get started, it is necessary to enable Spotlight and capture the app (this is a normal setting for macOS).

Video log: How to uninstall Start

Testing #4: Use App Uninstaller to uninstall Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope is a very powerful file and image comparison tool, supporting any text file and jpeg, tiff, png, psd and other formats of image files, and can be perfectly combined with git, svn and other version control tools. Kaleidoscope is a very powerful file picture and text comparison tool on Mac, supporting arbitrary text documents and image files, can find out the differences and merge different documents or pictures very quickly and accurately, its powerful merge and conflict resolution function is very easy to use, and supports the integration of version management tools such as Subversion, Git, Mercurial, etc., can ignore the comparison of space characters, unresolved conflict indicators, etc.

Video log: How to uninstall Kaleidoscope

Testing #5: Use App Uninstaller to uninstall GoodTask

GoodTask is a Mac calendar reminder tool with an incredibly flawless operating experience, upgrading built-in alerts to a powerful task manager. You can view your tasks on beautifully designed list charts, which can be displayed in daily, weekly, or monthly views. Reminders are good, but the functionality is too simple. By effectively using the data of reminder enthusiasts, we made it more beautiful and powerful. You can complete tasks at any time, but when you set deadlines, they'll be easier to control. With GoodTask, you can easily set deadlines and manage all tasks on different days. You have to get something done every month – on the first Sunday or the 20th. You can completely customize the cycle rules for the occurrence of tasks. GoodTask is a powerful reminder client, but it also displays events on the calendar. Take a glance at your schedule and you'll be able to check your tasks right away. The tasks you complete on all your busy days are stored in the reminder. You can see by day/week/month what you've accomplished.

Video log: How to uninstall GoodTask

Testing #6: Use App Uninstaller to uninstall A Better Finder Attributes

A Better Finder Attributes is a useful batch modification tool for file and directory attributes on Mac, which can quickly modify various attributes of files or directories, such as creation time, modification time, EXIF information, and so on. A Better Finder Attributes is a Mac platform can help us to achieve batch modification of picture file information gadget, A Better Finder Attributes not only can change the modification and establishment date of the picture file, but also lock the picture file, so that others can not modify, rename, move or copy these pictures, can process the picture file and the entire folder of the picture separately, support the batch processing of subfolders, And support drag-and-drop operation, you can create and modify the date of the entire folder of pictures. A Better Finder Attributes allows you to manipulate the JPEG, CR2, NEF, CRW ASEAN Regional Forum and CIFF EXIF timestamps with the willingness to set them to a specific time or add and remove times in batches (fixing the timestamps of digitally captured images useful for adjusting them camera by incorrectly setting the clock and compensating for changes in time zones). A Better Finder Attributes also allows the capture date of the JPEG EXIF to be used, as well as a wide variety of RAW formats, to synchronize the creation and modification dates of files in order to sort files correctly in Finder and other systems. A Better Finder Attributes gives you full control over the creation and modification dates of your files, setting them to specific times and dates, adding or removing them at times, or simply deleting them altogether.

Video log: How to uninstall A Better Finder Attributes

Testing #7: Use App Uninstaller to uninstall Master Of Typing

Master Of Typing is a software for learning to type on the Mac OS platform, Master Of Typing can help people who need to use a computer often and do not have enough typing speed to learn fast typing, blind typing and other skills. Many modern people live almost on computers. That's why it's important to type fast. Master Of Typing is for those who want to learn to type. This is a way to type with your ten fingers without looking at the keyboard. Fast typing not only saves time, but also reduces the attention of the switch. Download to print and increase your productivity at work.

Video log: How to uninstall Master Of Typing

Testing #8: Use App Uninstaller to uninstall 2DO

2DO is a well-known GTD tool for iOS. It has been released for iOS, Mac, and Android. 2Do supports iCloud syncing, so if you've bought 2DO on iOS, it's a no-go for Mac. If you're just looking for a task management tool, try 2DO. 2DO is an excellent to-do management GTD tool for Mac. It has won Apple's Best User Interface Award. With its extremely simple to use interface and comprehensive, flexible and powerful features, it allows you to focus on what matters most to you: your life. Using 2DO for Mac is absolutely awesome, and unlike other to-do apps, it doesn't force you to use a specific task management method. In addition to the to-do list and reminder function, there is also support for password protection and automatic backup and other very useful features, which is great. 2DO for Mac gives you a whole new way to manage your tasks, focusing more on your personal management ideas. When you start using 2DO for Mac, prepare to be amazed.

Video log: How to uninstall 2DO

Testing #9: Use App Uninstaller to uninstall IconJar

IconJar is a material tool that can help designers search, collect, and manage, which can greatly improve the efficiency of designers' material library, reduce the time to find effective materials, and improve work efficiency. Iconjar's software design style is simple, functional and practical, support SVG/PNG/GIF three icon formats, drag-in import management, you can set a number of "Set" combinations to classify and manage icons. Right-click or double-click on a single icon and you'll only see the delete option, the preview feature isn't there yet, but you can control the icon display size by adjusting the icon size slider in the bottom toolbar. Software with search, batch rename/tag function (hold down the CMD key to multi-select the icon, then set the icon name and tag in the right formula bar).

Video log: How to uninstall IconJar

Testing #10: Use App Uninstaller to uninstall Cookie

Cookies help you to view and clear cookies, history, and caching in all installed browsers with one click, and can prevent the tracking of website cookies, improving the protection of personal data privacy. Cookies are the only cookie manager that gives you full control over your privacy. Cookies prevent third parties from hijacking your browsing experience. In your browser, you visit websites without your knowledge or consent. Some are beneficial, but others are frustrating and aggressive. Cookies can help. Automatic privacy control. Set a timer, delete it when you exit your browser, and it's entirely up to you when you delete your private browsing data. Safely delete any unwanted data and it's easy to know that external threats can't recover your private data. Avoid intrusive marketing. Tired of targeted advertising and mysteriously knowing what products you shop for online are? Eliminate cookies. Stay away from flash and Silverlight. Cookies excel at eliminating Flash and Silverlight cookies, especially large and persistent types of cookies.

Video log: How to uninstall Cookie

In conclusion

App Uninstaller is a legit and powerful utility that is able to uninstall any app with ease. Our own tests have found App Uninstaller can effectively remove all the files of the apps completely, as demonstrated above. It is the best Mac app uninstaller in the market with the best price-to-performance ratio.